Seismic Shift - Gamified!

 At Seismic, we love to compete - do you?

If so, keep reading! Earn points and the chance to win swoon-worthy prizes for attending Seismic Digital Shift keynotes, panels & breakouts, as well as can't miss partner content on demand.

In order to win, you need to attend both days and at least three sessions per day. Winners will be announced at the end of the event.

Prizes & Level Details

Ambassador - Grand Prize
Winner: Jeffrey Magit, Invesco
Choice of Peloton or Mirror
Winner: Jamila Hinds, ICMA-RC
Treat-yo-self $500 e-gift to a store of your choice
Quota Crusher
Winner: Kristy Knapp, Principal
Apple Watch
Winner: Adam Medwetsky, Rich
Winner: Ron Nagel, Experian
Yeti Cooler or Yeti Hopper Backflip Soft Cooler
Winner: Cindy Sassack, Iron Mountain
AirPod Pros
On The Board
Winner: Sepp Tansel, FedEx
Treat-yo-self $100 e-gift at a store of your choice
Registration Contest
Winner: Julie Muckleroy, Jackson
Choice of Peloton or Mirror

How to Earn Points

Earn points when you engage in sessions and content

  • Attend a keynote session, earn 500 points
  • Watch a breakout session, earn 650 points
  • Earn 500 points per Partner visited on the partner page
  • Join one of our LiveChat roundtables and earn 500 points
  • Consume binge worthy on demand content and earn 300 points per video
  • Enjoy a wellness activity and earn 200 points
  • Visit the Awards page, earn 300 points

Gamification Levels

As you engage with content, you will earn points and unlock access to next level prizes. When you make it to a particular level, you will be entered into that level’s drawing (in addition to still being entered into previous levels). There will be one winner per level!